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Data Collection
Data Collection
Data Acquisition, Analysis and Evaluation 

 Data Collection is easy to use and provides accurate record of production and downtime causes.

Automatic data acquisition
With ADC/MDC terminals it is easy to collect the complete machine data and transfer these to the evaluation computer via the network: Machine data acquisition is to a large extent automatic. Messages, such as "Production", "Error" or piece numbers are generated via hardware signals and interpreted by the ADC/MDC software. Special interfaces between machines and ADC/MDC-terminals make this possible requiring no inputs at all. Detailed production and error data are generated without requiring the operator to press any key at all.

Simple manual operation
The manual input of ADC/MDC-data by the worker at the machine thanks to the graphic user interface and the Touch Panel at the Data Collection computer is quick, simple and does not require any background experience. Data acquisition does not pose any problems and all dialogs are easy to operate.

Logical integration between inputs and machine signals
Machine data collection can be configured so that messages requiring additional inputs by the worker automatically request these data.
  Machine Tool Monitoring and Data Collection can be sued as a stand alone product or as an integrated module within JobPack system for complete MES applications.

Real Time Status


Shows on-screen the condition of each work center. As the status of the work center changes the screen is updated with the latest information.  

Time Line

Shows condition and time in that condition of each work center. 

Historical Analysis  

Allows user defined reports on any work center or group for any period of time. Reports can be generated automatically on a timed basis

Job Tracking
Shows hours/days/minutes worked on jobs and orders.

Event Analysis
Shows setup, break downs times per job per machine (Group).

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