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Shop Floor Hardened PC and Touch Screen All in One
Lambtech Automation's Industrial PC (IPC) is a fully functional PC,  totally sealed to withstand shop floor and industrial use. The IPC comes complete with either a 12.1" or 15.0" color LCD and touch screen, 64MB RAM, AUI and RJ45 Ethernet ports and Windows operating systems.

This unit is sealed to meet NEMA 12 and IP54 safety standards and was specifically designed for the rugged environments of manufacturing.

Lambtech Automation's IPC touch screen technology allows keyboardless operation.

The unit uses heat sink technology to dissipate heat and maintain the internal air condition. This results in exceptional reliability, documented at 32,000 Hrs., Mean Time Between Failure (MTBF), and consequently the lowest cost of ownership any where in the world.

Engineered for reliablity.The IPC is of modular construction for ease of maintenance and future upgrades.  The mother board swaps out and offers our customers a defined upgrade path.



                 Detail Specifications - 12.1" TFT Screen
                                               15.0" TFT Screen

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