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JobPack Paperless Tools

Paperless manufacturing has never been easier.  Easy to use.  Easier accesibility from the shop floor. 

JobPack packs a lot of punch

JobPack is a complete package of modules that are designed to eliminate the need for paper on the shop floor.

With JobPack you determine documentation distribution to the floor: NC Programs, Tool Lists, Setup Sheets, Drawings, and other up-to-date electronic data necessary for  production. All manufacturing documents are delivered to the point of use with one touch or simple click of the mouse.

JobPack comes standard with complete DNC communications, Editing, and Graphical Viewing components built right in. There is no need to special order any of these items.

JobPack is scaleable, allowing you to start with a small system and grow to virtually any size

JobPack is flexible, allowing you to modify and configure it to fit your specific needs, including running your own applications from within it's user interface. 

Adding the optional JobPack Data Collection module to the suite allows you decide what important shop floor information is collected for later analysis. 

Combining JobPack with our powerful line of Industrialized PCs gives you a solid, harsh environment ready system that will provide years of dependable service.

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