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Mobile Computing
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Shop Floor Hardened PC and Wireless All in One 
The HPC was designed for mobile applications.

Lambtech  Automation's HPC is designed to the same high quality specs as our IPC but is only half the size.  The HPC operates on DC power from 10 to 16 volts and is ideal for mobile computing-transport computing in logistics, cross docking and ware house applications. The HPC comes standard with 64MB RAM 300MHz Pentium CPU, 2 PCMCIA slots, 4 serial ports and on board Ethernet and full analog touch screen.

The HPC comes with optional electrical kit for fork truck mounting.  It is an ideal solution for manufacturers who want real time inventory transactions and ERP interfaces. 

The access point connects the RF environment to the local area network.
The best of both worlds true mobility and full network accessibility, Lambtech Automation utilizes the latest in RF Ethernet technologies for our mobile computing solutions.

The RF access point is easily configurable.  It can be mounted to provide the maximum area coverage or in an open area of an office for a workgroup solution. The access point connects to a standard Ethernet network and is fully IEEE 802.11b compliant. 

Detail Specifications - HPC Mobile Computer 


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