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Distributed Numerical Control 

DNC software design allows this application to be used in a touch screen environment without a keyboard.
DNC can be used with virtually any machine tool.

DNC is a fast, easy, and user friendly  way to communicate with most CNC and NC controls. All it takes is a few clicks of the mouse and you are communicating with your machine.

DNC transfers your NC-programs between the computer and machine control. With the help of easy-to-understand symbols the direction of transmission is determined. The files to be transmitted are then automatically transferred. That is all you have to do for DNC-operation.

DNC software was designed to be used on both standard PCs (as described above) and on Lambtech's  IPC which can be used in a keyboardless  environment due to it's Touch-screen Technology. Just a few soft presses on the screen and you are sending your file to the selected machine.

  DNC offers the following scope of functions:

Edit existing or new programs in the machine and then return them to the DNC computer for archiving or future use.
Re-entry function enables restarting a part program exactly where you left off in long 3D-programs.
Transmit single NC program parts or multiple NC programs (sub-programs) contained within the same NC file. When several are available, a selection window is automatically displayed.
Transmitting NC-controls via the parallel BTR/FACIT interface (with serial/parallel  converter, optional).  BTR interfaces are required for many older NC and some CNC machine controllers.
Transmission record-by-record (drip feeding) to older machines or to machines without enough memory to hold program (optional). This means that in many cases you won't need to break your NC programs into segments just because the machine doesn't have memory to store all the operational segments. CNC control must have the ability to run in a drip feed mode.
Reload operation for 3D-programs of several megabytes (optional).
Restarting at any program position whereby the technology data are also transmitted, e.g. after a tool break (optional).
Transmission using select protocols, about 25 protocols are optionally available, e.g. Mazak, LSV2, Fidia, Heidenhain, High-Speed Fanuc.
Remote Access DNC - Machine Operators can transfer programs directly to/from their machine controls by using simple Send and Receive commands.

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