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Consultation & Integration Services 
Lambtech Automation's expertise and experience can make your systems automation project a truly turn key event.  We can provide a manufacturers point of view for your projects implementation.


Services to develop a integrated paperless manufacturing system.
   Experience in manufacturing management and project definition.
   Project definition and benefit expectations.

  Integration Services

    Services to integrate applications to make a seamless environment. 
    Provide design as well as functional automation for the system.
    Ability to get the most out of standard applications.
    Utilize standard software tools to provide custom integration when needed.   

    Provide product implementation of infrastructure hardware and software.
   Physical layer either wired or RF Ethernet implementation.
   Software configuration and system testing.

  Training and Follow up
   On-site or class room training of all installed products.
   Top-notch trainers thoroughly prepared to teach all products installed.

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